Hardware Requirements

Do you have a Mac or PC? *
Currently our system only runs on Windows. Yes, it is possible to run on a Mac IF you have installed and know how to use Windows Parallels.
How old is your computer? *
What version of Windows are you using? *
Minimum system requirements
Our software is pretty amazing. It requires a fairly decent computer to handle it.
If you have an old outdated computer... *
Are you willing to purchase a newer one?
Do you have an intra-oral scanner? *
We only accept digital scans at this time. No PVS or alginate impressions.
If yes, please tell us which kind?
Are you interested in 3D printing your own IDB trays? *
Currently we print all the trays and ship them to your office. However, we do have many doctors interested in getting a 3D printer and doing their own prints to speed up turnaround time.
Do you already have your own 3D printer? *
Last question: Do you live inside the United States? *
This does not mean you cannot implement DIBS into your practice (if you live outside the US), but it does require us to have a more indepth phone call conversation and obtain additional information .