Steps to ship if you wish to begin submitting Digital Study Model cases before your starter kit arrives, simply follow the steps below: 

1. Package your impressions/stone models and bite registrations as instructed below, and ship to:

          Attn: Digital Study Models
          831 E 340 S, Ste 170
          American Fork, UT 84003


         The boxes in your starter kit will be pre-labeled, but in the meantime, please click here if you would like                      to print a single-use, pre-paid postage label. (Please note: These labels are strictly for shipments of one                   pound or less.)

2. Fill out an online prescription form for each case and submit it electronically. 

a.  You should have received an email with instructions on how to access your online prescription form. If you are unable to access your prescription form, please do not create a new account. Instead, please call customer support at 866-695-3319.


b.  When you submit a prescription, a printable version will be generated. Please print it, and include it with your shipment. 

3. Prepare impressions for shipping.  Follow the simple instructions below, or for detailed instructions, please click here.  (For recommended impression materials, please click here.)

               a.  Wrap impressions in a slightly damp (not soaking wet) paper towel.

               b.  Include a wax-bite or bite register. (For recommended bite registers, please click here.)

               c.  Place wrapped impressions in a sealable (ziploc) plastic bag. Try to remove as much air from the                             bag as possible, to prevent the bag from bursting open during shipment.

              d.  Be sure to include the printed prescription form(s) in the box.

              e.  Place impressions in box, with sufficient padding, and seal it. To qualify for free shipping, please include

2 sets of impressions in a small box, and 7+ impressions in a large box.

4. Deliver your impressions to the post office, or give to your daily postal worker.

For more detailed shipping instructions, please click here.

What to expect after submitting your first case: You will be able to track your case by logging into your dashboard on the web portal ( It will be complete 3 to 5 days after we receive it. Once your case is complete, simply click on the patient's name on your dashboard to launch the 3D Viewer and view your case.

To learn more about our shipping system and pricing, please click here.