“I just bonded a case last night with DIBS and it shaved about 45 minutes off the chairside time, so I was quite happy with the result. The adaptation was so good, I had trouble getting the cement to a small enough quantity that it didn’t extrude too much, which is a good thing.”

Dr. Michael Popp, Marlborough Dental Centre

“Bryce’s case went awesome. Bonding was quick and easy. Virtually no cleanup needed. Got braces on and patient out of the chair in about one quarter of the time we usually do.”

Dr. Dan Graves, Winner Dental Clinic

“It was our first DIBS case and actually our first indirect bonding case ever! It all went perfectly, with no bond failures, and there was hardly any flash on the upper and none on the lower. We heard no complaints from our 13 year-old patient, especially when we finished a 45 minute appointment in 25 minutes. Going forward, we’ll be using DIBS for all bonding appointments!”

- Ansley O'Keefe, Cooney Orthodontics