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Digital Indirect Bonding System (DIBS)

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DIBS is an innovative approach to delivering ultra precise bracket placement using 3D printed indirect bonding trays. Full details here, along with learning how to get started.



per arch.

Bulk Discounts



Three Day - Free

Next Day - $40.00  


In-lab turnaround:

2 weeks

*When you register for our DIBS service, a one-time Setup & Support Fee of $1,200.00 will be charged, payable by credit card before your first case is processed. Click here for more details.

Digital Study Models


             Full-Finish                          Semi-Finish                                   Rough Finish                        Digital Storage     


Save time and money. We offer a variety of study model options. From board quality, to simple backup and storage alternatives, we have a digital model to fit your needs. Keep in mind any Rough or Storage model can be upgraded to the Full Finish model at any time. Full details and demonstration here.


$22.99 Full Finish

$20.99 Semi-Finish 

$17.99 Rough Finish

$15.99 Storage Only 


3 Day Incoming: Free

if you include 2 sets in a small box and 7+ sets in a large box

In-lab turnaround:

1 week for Full Finish


* When you register for our Digital Study Model service, a one-time Startup Fee of $129.00 is required. To sign up and register with us now, click here to get started. 

Intraoral Scan: Clean Up and Base


Clean Up and Base

Clean Up

Original Scan

Impression scanning is a great technology, but sometimes the output is not as presentable as you might like. We’ll clean up your scan, remove the major flaws, and trim away any messy edges. Then, if you choose, we’ll add a base. As with our standard service, every model automatically downloads to your computer for instant viewing. Free backup and storage of all digital files is included. Click here to view our Intraoral Doctor Information PDF.

$13.99 Clean-up and Base

$11.99 Clean-up

In-lab turnaround:

2 to 4 days

* When you register for our Digital Study Model service, a one-time Startup Fee of $129.00 is required. To sign up and register with us now, click here to get started. 

Analysis Report

Your time is valuable, so let us take the time to measure and create valuable analysis reports. The data we provide can assist in your diagnostic and treatment planning needs. Report includes: Bolton Analysis, Ideal Arch, Space Width Analysis, Palatal/Lingual Measurements.



$9.99 a case

In-lab turnaround:

1 Week

Board Certification (ABO)

Let us help. We can assist through the whole certification process. We provide digital models for both initial and final board certification. Or if you prefer, we can provide 3D printed models. At anytime you can upgrade any model to board quality standards.


$129.99 a set for Digital ABO

$129.99 per arch for 3D Print ABO

(for existing accounts only)


In-lab turnaround:

3 Weeks



Upgrade any storage or rough finish study model into a full finish digital study model at anytime. By request, OrthoSelect will 3D print the model for an additional fee. Refer to the 3D Printing section for model and pricing options.



In-lab turnaround:

1 Week

3D Printing

Disclaimer: Digital study models created from alginate impressions may incur slight distortion. This is not an issue for the study models themselves. However creating an appliance later (such as aligners) is not recommended. If you want to fabricate appliances based on our digital models (by 3D printing them), then we strongly recommend using PVS, intra-oral scans, or stone models from the beginning for better accuracy.  


Full Profile Base

3D Printed Full Digital Study Modell.JPG

Low Profile Base

3D Printed Low Profile Digital Study Models.JPG


3D Printed Palate Digital Study Models.JPG

Horseshoe (6mm)

3D Printed Horse Shoe Digital Study Models.JPG



Click here for all 3D-Print pricing

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In-lab turnaround:

2 Weeks