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$299.99 (Waived with pre-purchase of 10+ cases. See Bulk Pricing.)


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$1.99 plus shipping



DIBS (per arch)

Basic Service: 

Plus Service:   

Bulk Pricing:


Additional DIBS Fees

One-Time Setup & Support Fee:  

Case Rush:           

Case Cancellation:

Reprint per arch: 


Digital Study Models (per set)

Full Finish:    

Full Finish w/ DIBS Case:                 Rough Finish:                     

Digital Storage Only:          
Intra-oral Clean-up:             
Intra-oral Clean-up & Base: 


3D Printing  (per arch)

Horseshoe Print (6 mm): 

Palate/lingual Print: 

Low Profile Base Print: 

Full Profile Base Print: 


Essix Retainer (per arch)


Additional Products and Services

Analysis Report:                
Diagnostic Set-up:             
Plaster Final ABO Model:  
Upgrade Archival Model:   
Upgrade Rough to Full:      
Double Occlusal View:       
Gallery View:                      
Return Stone Model:         
Return Impression Tray:

STL Files (Download Version):    



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