Shipping to OrthoSelect

Improved Shipping Procedure, beginning Feb 2017

We have developed a new shipping relationship and negotiated a better system, which gives us more control over processing, delivery and tracking. Through this improved system, we and our customers will experience better

- tracking and carrier accountability

- delivery time

- customer service

- quality of received impressions (distortion will be reduced because customer will ship more frequently, and carrier will deliver more quickly.)


What has changed?

- Boxes are pre-labeled and include tracking numbers

- Do not place any additional labels or stickers on the box

- Small boxes should contain 2 sets of impressions when shipped

- Large boxes should contain 7 or more sets of impressions when shipped

 These large boxes are for high-volume customers.

These large boxes are for high-volume customers.

We will continue to provide free pre-labeled boxes and impression baggies. Please be sure to reorder them before you run out, using your Rx form online or by calling customer support at 866-695-3319.

Compare: Constantly Striving to Provide Better Service

Our previous shipping program charged $6 if 1 set of impressions was shipped, and $3 if 2 were shipped. This pricing structure, combined with the multiple sizes of boxes we were providing for free, encouraged customers to hold on to their cases until they had 3 or more sets of impressions. We now provide the perfect-sized box to allow customers to ship 2 cases, which should cut down on stockpiling of cases, and we now only charge $4 if a customer chooses to ship 1 case.

Additionally, our relationship with USPS had been more of the typical arms-length relationship most users experience. Shipping labels were generic, and if tracking labels were not applied by the customer, there was no way to track a delayed or missing package. We now have a contractual relationship that allows us to hold our carrier accountable for their service (such as delivery time and damage rates) and to more consistently and accurately track packages. 

Thank you for being a valued customer. If you have additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact customer support at 866-695-3319.  We would be happy to speak with you.