Account Setup

It takes less than 2 minutes to setup an account with OrthoSelect. Please visit our “Getting Started” page to begin.

1) Fill Out A Prescription Form

Login to your account and fill out a prescription form for the patient you wish to submit as a DIBS case.

2) Provide An Intraoral Scan

We are registered with most intraoral scan companies. When taking a digital scan of your patient, simply select OrthoSelect as the lab you wish our scans to be sent to.

3) Lab Work

Once we have received BOTH the prescription form AND the intraoral scans of your patient, we can begin. First, every scan is digitally "cleaned up" where holes in the scans are filled and blemishes are removed. Next a technician opens the case in our software where the teeth are separated and brackets are accurately placed on each tooth using our automated bracket placement algorithm. Lastly a digital setup is created showing the end-of-treatment simulation based on the position of the brackets.

4) Case Approval

Once the lab work has been completed, we notify you that the case is ready for your approval. You will then open the case within our DIBS software which allows you to make any final adjustments to the bracket positions. Once you are satisfied, simply click the "Approve" button. This will alert us that you have approved the case.

5) 3D Printing

After we have received your case approval, we move forward with the process to 3D print your patient's bonding trays. Once the DIBS trays have been printed, they are shipped back to you. Keep in mind someone needs to place the brackets into the new trays. We have technicians here at OrthoSelect that can do this, or to save some money, one of your staff members can place the bracket in office.

6) Bonding Appointment

The completed trays are shipped to your practice. They are placed in the patient's mouth where the brackets are quickly, easily, and accurately bonded (be sure to watch our clinical procedures video for best practices). Lastly remove the trays from your patient's mouth. Be sure to save the trays for reuse in case the patient accidentally debonds a bracket later on.