Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Study Models

What are Digital Study Models?
Digital Study Models are replicas of a patient's teeth that doctors can view digitally. These models are used for patient records and submissions to Medicaid.

What can be used to create a study model?
Alginate or PVS impression, stone models, and intraoral scans are all accepted by OrthoSelect.

What is the turnaround time for a digital study model?
All cases are completed within 5 business days upon arrival at our lab. The sooner we receive your impressions/stone models/intraoral scan, the sooner the 5-day turnaround will start.

I will be shipping impressions/stones models. Any advice on shipping?
Because we recommend a 5-day alginate, we advise that you send your impressions on the same day that they are taken. Wrap impressions in a damp paper towel (if too wet, it can damage impression). Add a cap full of alcohol to prevent freezing or mold from growing. Include bite registration. Stone Models Wrap the upper and lower models individually in bubble wrap to prevent damage. Securely tape the bubble wrap so that it will not come undone while being shipped. Put the bubble wrapped models into the impression bag. Include a bite registration with impressions (see document Study Models Recommended Products).

Could you give me some tips to achieve high quality study models?
Use a quality 5-day alginate, include a wax bite with impressions (see document Study Models Recommended Products for recommendations on alginate and wax bite), attach intraoral photos to your online prescription form, and always check the quality of the impression (see document Achieving Quality Impressions).


What is DIBS?
OrthoSelect's Digital Indirect Bonding System (DIBS) is a cutting-edge approach to indirect bonding. It leverages the power of advanced software and the precision of 3D printing to create a bonding tray that delivers ultra-precise bracket placement. DIBS trays are custom fit to seat securely and precisely on the patient's teeth and to accurately place each bracket in its ideal position.

How do I get started?
Please read our Getting Started section, which explains how to begin service with OrthoSelect.

How does the process work?
Please read our How it Works section for a detailed outline of how the process works.

What prices and fees are associated with DIBS?
Please read our Pricing section for all costs, fees, and other pricing options.

What is needed when submitting a DIBS case?
1) An intraoral scan.
2) Patient prescription form. You can submit a DIBS Rx form by logging in to your OrthoSelect account. (Go to and click on the login button at the upper right corner.)

Once we have these two items, we can begin working on your patients' case.

Are there any shipping fees?
The cost to ship your completed DIBS case is included in both the DIBS Basic and DIBS Plus pricing. However, if a case needs to be expedited, we charge a $40.00 Rush fee, which covers re-prioritization of the case and expedited shipping. For cases outside the United States, shipping charges will be added to your total DIBS price. Please give OrthoSelect a call to determine the exact cost for your country.
(For additional details regarding shipping, please see Purchase Policy/Shipping for DIBS within our Terms of Service).

How much does DIBS software cost?
Our one-time $1,700.00 Startup fee covers your ongoing use of DIBS software, as well as updates, installation, tutorials, and on-going support.

Is there any training required to use DIBS?
There are no formal training courses, though we do provide comprehensive tutorials online. These videos teach you how to use and approve your cases within the DIBS software. Once you have a case in progress, we provide on-going phone and online support, if you need one-on-one assistance.