Digital Orthodontic Study Models

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Our Purpose
It's simple. Our purpose is to provide the highest quality digital study models at the lowest possible price. OrthoSelect has been providing digital models since 2009. Even with the introduction of intra-oral scanners, many orthodontists still prefer a good quick alginate impression. For these doctors we proudly fabricate 300 to 500 digital models every day.

- Low cost compared to high prices for a new scanner.
- Access any model, anywhere, on any device
- Free browser based software
- Superior 3D graphics
- Free shipping
- 5 to 7 business day turnaround

Please note: The quality of the digital model is in direct correlation to the quality of the impression. The better the impression, the better your models will appear. We strongly recommend using a 5-day alginate (120 hours), or any PVS material (polyvinyl siloxane). During the winter months, a little rubbing alcohol is recommended to prevent the impressions from freezing. We also recommend disposable impression trays, though we are happy to clean and return your trays. There is a small fee of $1.99 plus shipping cost for this additional service. This must be requested on the Rx form.

Digital Study Models
Finish Options



Full Finish ($22.99)
70 mm in height. ABO trim angles. All blemishes removed. Includes bases. Securely backed-up on HIPAA compliant OrthoSelect servers. 





semi full3.jpg

Semi-Finish ($20.99)

Bubbles removed and holes filled on teeth only. Blemishes on gum tissue are not repaired. Top/bottom portions of the model are leveled and capped. Can be upgraded to "Full Finish" at anytime. Securely backed-up on HIPAA compliant OrthoSelect servers. 



rough white background012518.jpg

Rough Finish (17.99)
No bases. Bubbles are not picked off, holes not filled. Just a straight scan and process. Can be upgraded to "Full Finish" at anytime. Securely backed-up on HIPAA compliant OrthoSelect servers. 



Digital Storage copy.jpg


Digital Storage (15.99)
Includes scan of impressions, but no digital processing. Files are archived on HIPAA compliant AWS (Amazon Web Services) servers. Upon request, up to 5 patient cases per year can be retrieved and upgraded to a viewable digital study model. (See upgrade fee on pricing page.) If 5 cases per year is insufficient, we recommend one of our other digital study model services: Full Finish, Semi-Finish or Rough Finish. (See options above.) Please note the retrieval process can take up to 10 business days. 


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