Digital Study Models

Throughout the years, digital study models have gone by many different names. Orthodontic models, orthodontic study models, orthodontic casts, dental study models, dental casts, dental models, digital models, study models, and dental stone casts. Whatever name you may call them, OrthoSelect has been fabricating these plaster and stone model casts since 2002 and digital orthodontic study models since 2009. Even with the introduction of intraoral scanners in the last couple of years, many doctors still prefer a quick alginate impression. Let us help you streamline your digital models process.

What are the options?

* - Digital storage models are most beneficial for high volume accounts. If you only upgrade 1 out of every couple hundred, this is the option for you. If you need models more often than this, we recommend choosing one of our other options.

All digital study models completed by OrthoSelect are backed up on HIPAA compliant servers.

How long does it take?

It takes approximately 3 days for your impressions to arrive at our lab. Once we receive your impressions, we guarantee a 7 business day turnaround. If you pay a $5.00 rush fee, your study model will be completed within 24 hours*.

*Business days only, if case is submitted before 3:00 PM MST

What is the shipping process?

Shipping for all digital study models is free if you include 2 sets of impressions in a small box, or 7+ sets of impressions in a large box.

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