DIBS Pricing Options

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Five Steps Determines the Cost

The question is, who will carry out these steps? The more steps OrthoSelect completes, the more time you the doctor will save. The more steps you the doctor complete, the more money you will save. Time vs. Money.

The Five Steps Explained

  • Create Setup: In this first step the teeth are segmented, the long axis of each tooth is identified, and the brackets are initially placed by the software. ~Time required: 5/10 minutes per arch.

  • Adjust Bracket Placement: This takes the most skill and can require the most time. After the software does a rough automatic placement of the brackets, either our technicians will adjust the final placement (according to doctor preferences), or the doctor can do this final adjusted themselves. If our technicians do the adjustments, the doctor must still view and give final approval. Please Note: Slight tweaking may still be needed before giving final approval (if our techs to the adjustments). ~Time required: 5/15 minutes per arch.

  • Digitally Design Trays: This step currently can only be performed by OrthoSelect. In the near future, this step will be available to the doctor. This requires more development in our software first.

  • Print Trays: Once we have completed the digital design and created the necessary STL files, they are either electronically sent to the doctor for printing, or we print the trays here in-lab. ~Time required: 45 minutes, then another 5 minutes to clean and cure.

  • Load Brackets in Trays: After printing the trays, brackets are slipped into each corresponding "bracket box". ~Time required: 5 minutes per arch.

Additional Fees

DIBS Startup and Support: $1,200.00.  This covers online training and phone support, software and updates, as well as the various costs associated with initial account setup. This fee includes DIBS software on 2 computers, as well as digitizing, cataloging and calibration of 2 sets of your brackets for use in the DIBS software.

Additional installations of software: $149 per installation

Additional sets of brackets:  $99 per set

Case Rush: $40. This fee covers the prioritization of your case and expedited shipping charges. 

Case Cancellation:  The cost associated with cancelling a case varies, depending on the status and progress of a case at the time of cancellation. For more information, please see Purchase Policy/Cancellation within our Terms of Service (https://www.myorthoselect.com/terms-of-service).

Reprint (per arch): $40. If for whatever reason you need a new re-print of a case.