DIBS Trial Offer

Seems Kind of Chancy…

We understand throwing down $1,500 for start a digital IDB system can seem a bit risky. No problem. Before fully committing, be sure to read all the material we have on our website, watch our marketing and training videos, then give our DIBS trial offer a go. It’s only $199. If you decide to move forward (as we know you will) that $199 will be applied toward your one time $1,500 startup fee.

What Do You Receive?

Our DIBS trial offer gives you access to our software with a built in digital practice case. This way you can use and get to know our software first. Plus we give you both upper and lower, 3D printed DIBS trays with brackets inserted. These come with 3D printed models so you can practice bonding the brackets using the DIBS trays.

So little to lose, so much to gain! Click on our offer and purchase your DIBS Trial package right away. Still not sure? Give us a call and ask all the questions you like. We’re here to help!