DIBS Pricing Options

Dibs tray clean.jpg

DIBS 3D printed indirect bonding Trays

Basic - $79.99 (we 3D print the tray, you insert brackets)

Plus - $89.99 (we 3D print the tray, we insert brackets)

In-Office - $54.99 (you 3D print and insert brackets)

Other Fees associated with dibs

One Time Startup Fee - $1,500.00 (this fee covers online training and phone support, software installation and updates on up to 2 computers, costs associated with initial account setup, digitizing, cataloging and calibration of 2 sets of your brackets for use in the DIBS software, and 3 prepaid DIBS cases)

Rush Fee for Basic or Plus - $40.00

Rush Fee for In-Office - $20.00

Bracket Work Rush Fee - $40.00 (this fee covers the prioritization of your case, expedited shipping charges, and will provide you with a 1 week turnaround instead of our normal 2 week turnaround)

Additional Installations of Software - $49.00/installation

Additional Sets of Brackets - $149.00/set or $14.00/bracket (whichever is cheaper)

Reprint - $40.00/arch

Case Cancellation - Cost varies depending on the amount of lab work already completed (please call)

When DIBS is fully integrated, we will use the system below for pricing.

DIBS Pricing.jpg