DIBS: Digital Indirect Bonding System

DIBS utilizes advanced bracket-positioning software and the latest in 3D-printing technology to create precision printed indirect bonding trays. These trays hold the brackets in perfect position, allowing for highly accurate bonding to your patients' teeth. The accuracy, ease, and speed of DIBS are superior to traditional direct and indirect bonding techniques. If you are interested in improving treatment efficiency in your office, please click HERE to get started.

"I believe DIBS is the best value in orthodontics right now, I really do. So if you want a good experience with digital, go with OrthoSelect."

--Dr. Brandon Owen, Fort Collins, Colorado

"Bonding was quick and easy. Virtually no cleanup needed. Got the braces on and patient out of the chair in about one quarter of the time we usually do.”

--Dr. Dan Graves, Winner, South Dakota


“It was our first DIBS case and actually our first indirect bonding case ever! It all went perfectly, with no bond failures, and there was hardly any flash on the upper and none on the lower. We heard no complaints from our 13 year-old patient, especially when we finished a 45 minute appointment in 25 minutes. Going forward, we’ll be using DIBS for all bonding appointments!”

--Ansley O'Keefe, Orthodontic Assistant, Cooney Orthodontics