What is DIBS?

DIBS stands for Digital Indirect Bonding System. DIBS utilizes advanced bracket-positioning software and the latest in 3D-printing technology to create precision indirect bonding trays. These trays position the brackets perfectly, allowing for highly accurate bonding to your patients' teeth. The accuracy, ease, and speed of DIBS is superior to traditional direct bonding and other indirect bonding techniques, thus creating a cheaper and more simplified approach to bonding.

What are the advantages of DIBS?

Better treatment results in shorter treatment time: Because we can so accurately place brackets in position on your patients’ teeth using our DIBS software, not only can you give your patients the smile they’re hoping for, but you can give them the the smile in significantly less time than traditional braces.

Reduce or even eliminate bracket repositioning: Bracket repositioning can be an annoyance to both you and your patients. Using our DIBS software we can accurately place brackets on your patients’ teeth down to the micron, thus eliminating or reducing how many brackets you may need to reposition.

Cut your chairside bonding appointment time in half: A lot of doctors that use traditional braces keep patients in the chair for up to 2 hours while placing brackets for the first time. Using our DIBS process, most of our doctors can completely bond an entire set of braces in under 30 minutes.

Allow assistants to seat and bond brackets: Because you’ve already approved the placement of the brackets on the teeth, you can give your assistants more freedom to seat and bond brackets.