Submitting Your First DIBS Case




Before submitting your first case, please call 866-695-3319 to pay your setup and support fee ($599) and pre-purchase your first three cases. Ask about our New Doctor Discounts for pre-purchase of 5 or more cases.


To submit your case using Intra-Oral scans


Currently, we are a preferred lab with iTero, 3Shape, and 3M. Additionally, we can receive and process any .STL files.

AlignTech (iTero): Contact Customer Support and ask them to setup a Business Relationship with OrthoSelect. 800-577-8767, option 5. or


3Shape (Trios): Create a “Connection Request” in your Trios software. When selecting OrthoSelect as your lab, you may need the following email: Or, call 908-897-0144 for support.

3M (TrueDef and Lava): Contact 3M Connection Center at 800-634-2249 and add OrthoSelect as a preferred lab.


All other scanners: We can process any STL file. So, if you have a different scanner than those listed above, we may be able to process your file. 

Regardless of your type of scanner, we are happy to answer your questions and provide whatever support we can: 866-695-3319. 


To submit your case using PVS Impression or Stone Model

Within a week of enrolling, you will receive a starter kit with instructions, packaging and mailing supplies. (You may have already received it.)  Also included in the kit are USPS mailing labels, for free shipping within the continental United States. If you want to get started right away, without waiting for the starter kit, please click here for instructions and a mailing label. 

Note: To achieve a high quality DIBS tray, a PVS impression or a stone model is required. (For our non-DIBS Digital Study Model service, an impression made with 5-day alginate is sufficient.)




One of the great features of DIBS is that we can utilize any set of brackets. For your first case, we'll need to scan your brackets and prepare them for use in our 3D Software. We only need to scan them once, and then your brackets can be used on each subsequent case without scanning. It is likely we already have your brackets in our digital library; however, there are many variations of brackets and part numbers, and we want to ensure that your brackets are correctly cataloged.


Also, for your first case, our technicians will insert your brackets into your trays, so you can get a sense of how a tray should look and feel.


Please send a set of your brackets so we can scan and prepare them.  If you will also please include the contact information for your bracket rep, it will help us, if there are questions, to accurately catalog your brackets.


Please send a set of your brackets to:


Attention: DIBS

831 E 340 S, Ste 170

American Fork, UT  84003

(Be sure to include your contact info.)


For a pre-addressed pre-paid mailing label, please click here for instructions and a mailing label. 


Turn-around time and Scheduling


Whether you're using DIBS In-lab or In-office service, the in-lab timing is as follows:


Day 1-2

Receipt of Rx and Intra-oral Scan

Import and clean-up of scan file

Segment teeth and digital bracket setup


Day 3

Doctor approval


Day 4

Finalization of case and creation of digital tray


Day 5

Create print job, package, ship, or upload file


In-lab Service (OrthoSelect does the setup, prints and ships.)

If you're using the DIBS In-lab service, please allow 5 business days for USPS shipping, beyond the 5 days in-lab time (outlined above). 


When scheduling your case, you'll notice that the bonding date calendar on your Rx form will help you with scheduling by blocking out dates inside of 2 weeks-- gray dates cannot be scheduled, red dates may be selected when necessary to expedite a case. An additional fee of $40 is charged for expedited cases, which covers prioritized processing and expedited shipping. If you have questions, please call 866-695-3319.


In-office Service* (OrthoSelect does the setup and tray design. Doctor prints in-office.)

With our in-office service, instead of printing and shipping your DIBS trays, our lab will simply upload the print job, and you will print the trays in-office. So, of course, the turn-around is reduced to 5 days, since the shipping time is eliminated.


*This service requires a DIBS compatible printer. Please contact us to find out more about printers and printing material.


Software Installation and Training

Most of the work to create your 3D-printed bonding trays will be done in our lab. After we've completed the initial setup per your prescription, we will upload the file to you for approval. Once we have doctor approval, our technicians will finalize the work and print your bonding tray.

You will need the DIBS software in order to make any adjustments and approve your DIBS cases. If you have not already done so, please click here to download the DIBS software and access documentation and a 40-minute playlist of short training videos. Corey Blackham, who heads up our DIBS team, will contact you to answer questions and help with software. If you would like to contact Corey directly, please call 801-610-1361 or email

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