3D printing

Need a 3D printed model of your intraoral scan or alginate impression? OrthoSelect can print appliance-ready models that can be used for aligners, splints, quads and dies, etc. Models are printed using a high-end 3D printer that prints in a 16-micron resolution to ensure the highest quality model. Below are the print options we offer.

Disclaimer: Some digital study models may incur distortion issues if originally created from alginate impressions. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that appliances (such as aligners) will correctly fit the patient. If you want to fabricate appliances based on our digital models, we recommend using PVS or stone models from the beginning for better accuracy.     

What are the options?

Can I upgrade my storage/rough/full digital study model?

Yes, you can upgrade your storage/rough/full digital study model to a 3D printed model by paying a $15.99 upgrade fee.

How long does it take?

Our in-lab turnaround for 3D printed models is 2 weeks. If you would like our in-lab turnaround to be only 1 week, you can pay a $40.00 rush fee to get your 3D printed models faster.