Introducing dibs

DIBS is a breakthrough in digital indirect bonding. Our 3D printed IDB trays are highly accurate and cost effective.


Digital Study Models

Are you ready to save time and money by streamlining your digital study model process through OrthoSelect?


New: Digital Splints

We’re excited to introduce our new digitally created, 3D printed night guards.

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Get to know Orthoselect

OrthoSelect started in Utah in 2004. Today we process thousand of cases every month. Along with digital study models, our DIBS product (Digital Indirect Bonding System) is providing doctors and patients with a better approach for bonding braces. Our unique software and 3D printing process has decreased significantly the need to reposition brackets and bend wire. Beyond these primary products, we create ABO certified digital models, 3D print arches, cleaning of rough intraoral scans, and provide detailed analysis reports. OrthoSelect can help streamline your lab needs to free up your time and focus more on patients. Click the button below to view all products.

Digital Study Models Case Submissions

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digital Study Models

OrthoSelect is a specialized orthodontic laboratory that can fill all of your digital dental study model needs. Not only do we create beautiful digital dental casts, but we provide you with a curated process with over 15 years of experience. Put your digital dental model system in our hands and we will provide you with the cheapest price, fastest turnaround, and highest quality product in the industry. Get started and find out why hundreds of other doctors throughout the world are using our services.



DIBS stands for Digital Indirect Bonding System. OrthoSelect has created a CAD/CAM orthodontic software that designs industry leading 3D printed indirect bonding trays. Our custom DIBS software precisely places brackets and accurately designs trays to fit your patient’s teeth. Utilizing our feature rich diagnosis and treatment planning tools you can easily simulate and view end of treatment simulations. Find out why so many orthodontists are switching over to a better way of braces.


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